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Great Team and our Website is running perfectly
Jean A.
Real Estate Practitioner
Great service, my website is well maintained
Jaymark P.
Owner of Car Rental


Can i edit the files ?

Yes! We will provide a username and password that you can work on.

Can I pay the service per hour?

Yes, however there is a upfront payment.

Will i able to log in to the control panel?

We are so sorry about that but for security purposes we would like to keep that information confidential. However, we can provide 24 hours Support, when you need someone to access the panel that is possible.

Where is Team Master Media Located?

We are located in the Philippines and all of us are Women. We believe that woman are more keen to details and very hard working and really good at communication.

ABOUT THE SERVICE, CAn i cancel it anytime?

Yes, you can cancel the service anytime you wanted.

How to reach the team?

Email: admin@jenaii.com
WhatsApp: +63 9174821830